Damn the Man, Save the Music
Damn the Man, Save the Music

Damn the Man, Save the Music

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Juggle the responsibilities of a day that will determine the future of your record store! The Big Shot will be here any minute and your boss is breathing down your neck. Do you have time to sneak in one last love poem?

Damn the Man is inspired by movies like Empire Records, Dazed and Confused, and a love for the ’90s. It’s silly and heartfelt and no familiarity with the source material is necessary to enjoy the game.

3-4 players and 1 facilitator (GM), about 3 hours.

Winner of the 2018 IGDN award for Best Rules.

The PDF is also available on itch.io!


“Shaffer not only nails the tone of 90’s slacker comedies with the character archetypes but also provides a book full of excellent advice for anyone running their first game.” -Geek & Sundry