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Public Guest 5

Public Guest 5

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This is your world

A world of dense evergreen woods and long, loving winters.

This is the future you saw for yourself

A future of creation. You would write to to discover yourself, and with a hope to find someone like you.

But your days are numbered

Every real-world day, roll two dice. The results describe a week of your remaining time.

When you roll doubles, your week is consumed by catastrophic perturbations of the artificial world.

When you roll two 1's, Public Guest 5 explodes.

Public Guest 5 is a single-player RPG on an 11x17 poster. Play out the inevitable destruction of your world, which exists in the shadow of an artificial planet looming above.

    • Game length ranges from one day to half a year.
    • Two version of the poster are available: a more minimal orange on white design, or a colorful dark moon pink. The game text is the same.
    • If you just want the PDF, you can download that for free.
    • Also available on
  • Thank you to Zeta for a Spanish translation of the game!


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