Upcoming Projects

Starship UltraLux

Elena was the lucky winner of a golden ticket for one day of decadence aboard the Starship UltraLux, the greatest galactic cruise ever conceived. But when she was thawed out from cryo, she found the ship abandoned and one million years off-course. Now, she and four other remaining passengers attempt to return home amidst malfunctioning luxury robots, automated pampering machines, and the sentient descendants of various organic forms of life.

Starship UltraLux is played in episodic sessions, each a self-contained misadventure saturated with absurd comedy and guaranteed to fill the spiritual void of anyone who can afford a ticket aboard. This game is currently in-development and includes both roleplaying and board game elements.

Follow project updates here: https://makebigthings.itch.io/starship-ultralux

Questlandia 2

The sequel and second edition to our first ever roleplaying game, Questlandia. Follow the game's development on the Design Doc podcast or follow updates on the Questlandia 2 page at itch.io:

Design Doc Podcast: https://turtlebun.com/pages/design-doc-podcast