Questlandia Updated Edition (pre-order)
Questlandia Updated Edition (pre-order)
Questlandia Updated Edition (pre-order)
Questlandia Updated Edition (pre-order)
Questlandia Updated Edition (pre-order)

Questlandia Updated Edition (pre-order)

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Questlandia is getting a new edition! You can pre-order the updated book or PDF here. We expect to ship in December.

For the latest updates on our progress, you can read our Kickstarter updates here.

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Questlandia is a roleplaying game about personal victories in collapsing worlds. You’ll cooperatively design your own fantastical setting.

Build a kingdom of warring slug kings and caterpillar princes, a nomadic tribe of giants slowly turning to stone, an ancient colony in an asteroid as the last stars die out.

Each player will take on the role of a character chasing after their own goals while the world changes around them. Will you go with the flow or swim against the currents of change?

Friendly to new & experienced roleplayers. 2-5 players, 3-4 hours. Groups that enjoy extensive worldbuilding may find it useful to divide the game into two 3-hour sessions.

Updated and expanded edition

Over the years, we’ve gotten to see a lot of Questlandia games in action. The new edition will incorporate feedback we’ve received and improvements we’d like to make, including:


  • High-quality offset print run.
  • Full-color interior.

Art and Layout

  • Additional art and illustrations.
  • Entirely redesigned layout and presentation.
  • Play aids for the dice and resolution systems.


  • Improved rules clarity.
  • Professional editing.
  • Considerations for reading accessibility.

And more!

  • Rules for two-player games.
  • Rules for extended play and revisiting the worlds of previous games.
  • Guidance on exporting your world to other game systems.

This new edition was funded on Kickstarter. You can see more information on the game and its improvements on the campaign page!

If you'd like the original PDF, it's still available for sale on Please note, that PDF will not be updated to the new edition.

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