Questlandia: A Worldbuilding RPG

Questlandia: A Worldbuilding RPG

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Questlandia is sold out, but there are a number of copies still available through online retailer Indie Press Revolution! You can grab one here.

Questlandia is a roleplaying game about personal victories in collapsing worlds. You’ll cooperatively design your own fantastical setting.

Build a kingdom of warring slug kings and caterpillar princes, a nomadic tribe of giants slowly turning to stone, an ancient colony in an asteroid as the last stars die out.

Each player will take on the role of a character chasing after their own goals while the world changes around them. Will you go with the flow or swim against the currents of change?

Friendly to new & experienced roleplayers. 3-5 players, 3-4 hours. Groups that enjoy extensive worldbuilding may find it useful to divide the game into two 3-hour sessions.

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