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A worldbuilding game of ill-fated kingdoms.

4-6 hours • 2-5 players • No GM, no prep

Limited edition play kits available here.

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What matters most in the face of collapse?

In Questlandia, you and your friends will tell the story of a one-of-a-kind fantasy kingdom.

Using a deck of cards and a handful of dice, you'll bring to life a strange society and its people. You'll invent their laws and customs, their architecture and achievements, how they live and how they dream.

But your society is failing.

As you play, your characters will attempt to find purpose amid the chaos of a changing world.

The setting possibilities in Questlandia are endless. Your unique kingdom will be shaped by the interests and curiosities of everyone at the table.

Players take ownership over their favorite facets of the world, to explore and explain over the course of the game.

If you like fantasy and sci-fi stories that take place in strange worlds with looming environmental and social troubles, we think you'll like Questlandia. review


"Questlandia is one of the definitive worldbuilding ttrpgs. It's a fabulous one-shot gaming experience that's great for new or seasoned players alike. If you've never played Questlandia, drop everything and schedule a nice, long, relaxed play session." - ThatGamerPriest

from Twitter

"Questlandia has some of the most fun GM-less world-building I know and it transitions into wonderful adventure play." - @HeartPointsPod

From twitter

"As well as being one of the smartest, slickest, cleverest story games out there, Questlandia has done so much to inspire how I think about roleplaying games, and has changed my mind completely as to what people can do with games. I wouldn't be the designer I am today without it." - Mark Shepherd, Yes Indie'd podcast

How It Plays

Questlandia uses playing cards and six-sided dice to guide the worldbuilding and storytelling in the game.

At the beginning of the game, you'll roll a die for your kingdom's ambition and draw cards for your kingdom's troubles.

Then, everyone will take on the role of a character living in the kingdom. Your character has relationships with the others at the table, a weakness that aids and tempts them, and a life-defining goal they'll strive to achieve.

Each of Questlandia's scenes spotlights a single character, and ends in a contest of outcomes. Friendships can be gained or lost, obstacles mastered or multiplied, troubles can be healed or escalate.

It all depends on how you use your dice. But no matter how well you roll, something will always go wrong.

By choosing your outcomes, you'll be able to shape your kingdom's story. You might prevent a rebellion at the cost of a friendship, or master an obstacle while a trouble escalates elsewhere.

Character scenes are punctuated by interludes that give you the opportunity to make even more world-changing choices. Will you abandon your dreams to give a flawed society another chance?

What's new in the 2nd edition?

The first edition of Questlandia, released in 2014, was our first published game. In this new edition, we've tried to honor both the enthusiasm and oddities of the original game. We clarified the rules, added new examples, and redesigned the dice-matching system.

The new edition also includes:

  • A brand new, full-color layout.
  • New illustrations and diagrams.
  • New mechanic: Story interludes that give choices between rounds.
  • New mechanic: Weaknesses now have distinct effects on dice.
  • A variant for 2-player games.
  • A variant for revisiting kingdoms from previous games.
  • Redesigned printouts and play aides.
  • Text updates and improvements throughout.

We think Questlandia is fun, easy to play, and tells stories that have stayed with us for a long time. We hope you like it too!

- Hannah and Evan

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