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14 Days (PDF)

14 Days (PDF)

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14 Days is a 2-player tabletop game about life with chronic pain.

In the game, you’ll each play out two weeks in the life of a person with migraines. You’ll schedule your life one day at a time, juggling work, relationships, and hobbies around the reality of unpredictable pain. The game plays in 60-90 minutes.

You can listen to an actual play of 14 Days on the One Shot Podcast here.

 Who Is This Game For?

Some folks who played and enjoyed the game include:

  • People who experience migraines or other chronic pain conditions
  • The friends and family members of people with chronic migraines
  • People interested in a deeper look at the day-to-day impact of chronic pain
  • People who enjoy intimate and personal tabletop games

Why Migraines?

We designed 14 Days with a focus on migraines because the subject matter is personal, and it’s one we can present with confidence.

The mechanics of the game are based on the unpredictability of migraines and the misconceptions. However, there are many types of chronic pain that impact people’s lives. We hope 14 Days can serve as a resource for building empathy and understanding.

14 Days isn’t a game about describing pain. It’s a game about balancing the responsibilities of everyday life when you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

** Print-and-Play Edition **

The boxed edition of the game is sold out and we don't have immediate plans for a new print run. In addition to the printed materials, the game calls for:

  • A six-sided die
  • 21 task tokens for each player

Small coins work for task tokens, or you can mark daily tasks in pencil and erase any that you aren't able to complete.

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